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Leading fashion innovations and the Style Insider program

In an ever changing time, where people have access to basically anything on the internet, the fashion industry has experienced an enormous bloom, all with the help of online communities such as Polyvore.  In the search for the best outfits and fashion combinations, one certainly cannot miss this community, as it is known to be an enormous contributor to fashion.


  Polyvore functions as an online boutique where basically anyone can mix and match items in the form of a collage. It is a unique way for people to express their best ideas and wrap them up into fascinating fashion combinations. However, you  must be careful when visiting Polyvore, not because there is something wrong with it, but because you can easily get lost in all those beautiful combinations, and remain enchanted in front of the computer for hours. Different styles and unique ideas make Polyvore bloggers turn into genuine artist. To put it simple, creativeness and trends go hand in hand with Polyvore.
 If you are a dedicated fashion blogger, we are almost certain that your main tools for blogging definitely include Polyvore. We know this because there doesn't exist a tool that allows you as much creativeness and options for designing sets as Polyvore does.
Bloggers all over the world use Polyvore in creating fashion collections, and they recommend it to every fashion blogger: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/standing-out-with-polyvore/

Some use Polyvore sets to create their blogs: http://styleselection.tumblr.com/

And some even predict it will become a lifestyle commerce, as opposed to only being a fashion community: http://www.silverbean.com/blog/power-polyvore-social-commerce-case-study/ 

  If you're not that interested in clothes, there are many categories that can satisfy your needs. For example, if you're a home decor lover, you can browse through their interior design category and find ideas for home decoration that will blow your mind away.  If you don't enjoy browsing through other people's ideas, join them and make your own collections. There is such a large choice in this category, that it almost makes the process of choosing the best items a very difficult task.


Anyone can join this community and become a unique fashion artist. You take images of products from as many manufacturers you wish, and put them together into stylish combinations. The best thing of all is that you don't have to worry about copyright laws, since the images on Polyvore are connected with the brands sites. From this point on, you can choose the collections between beauty products, shoes, accessories, clothing, and sort them into combinations by brand name, price range and style. Here you create your boards, publish them, and wait for other fashion bloggers to  fall in love with your creations.

INNOVATIONS, INNOVATIONS: The style insider program

 Fashion bloggers are always in a constant search for new ideas and inspirations, and Polyvore follows them every step of the way. Ever  since 2007, Polyvore has evolved to become  a necessary tool of every fashion blogger and has even become a valuable source for fashion market research. How's that, you ask? Well, it helps manufacturers to follow the customer's demands for certain products. If a collection, or a single item is not popular on Polyvore, then there certainly doesn't exist the need for this product in sales.
 From the need for continuous growth, there arose a new, fresh option for Polyvore users: The Style Insider program. This innovative program offers its skillful and diligent bloggers to earn special perks like having access to product releases, attending Polyvore Meetups, and even becoming a Community Correspondent at events like Fashion week.

What do I have to do to become a Style Setter?

It's as simple as riding a bike. Basically, if you have created two sets in the previous six months, then you're already in the program. By creating 2-24 sets, you become a Style Spotter. This title will get you perks like receiving tricks and tips from Polyvore, a monthly newsletter, and a tier badge to your profile. However, in order to gain the privilege of being a Style Setter and earning special perks like getting featured in Polyvore's member spotlight, hosting a Polyvore Meetup, and winning official Polyvore swag, you will have to put some effort into your work and make 25-124 sets. In addition, you get all the perks that a Style Spotter has. If you make 125+ sets, then you're in for some amazing perks. You will have access to product releases, become a Community  Correspondent at events like Fashion week, attend an official Polyvore meeting and partner events in your area, and have a special badge of a Style Icon on your profile. Imagine just what you could achieve by becoming a Style Icon on Polyvore! You would have the option to evolve and grow in your work and have many doors opened for you. So roll up your sleeves, and give the world some of your best work presented on the Polyvore canvas!